Hi, Fall!

October, how I love you. Leaves changing colors, a slight nip in the air, and best of all, this is the first autumn since…2011? that I have the free time to enjoy. As is becoming apparent with the increasing hoopla surrounding each year’s unveiling of pumpkin spice lattes, fall is the rest of the world’s favorite, too. But for me, fall means chilly walks with a warm cup of coffee clutched in my hands, tall boots and my favorite cozy knit cap, pumpkin and squash EVERYTHING, woodsy candles, and of course, the vampy lipsticks and nail polishes that come with the season.

In that vein (womp womp…bad vampire joke), one of my favorite ways to unwind, when I have the time, is to paint my own nails. I find it cathartic to methodically clip, shape, buff, and polish them over the course of a fluffy TV show (more on that later…I have a serious addiction). Not only that, it’s a cheaper option for a poor medical student than going to get a manicure, and it gives me the freedom to find polishes that are a little healthier for my nails. Unfortunately, the clean brands do tend to be a bit more expensive — but way more bang for your buck than paying for a one-time manicure.

Today, I thought briefly about a pretty milky hot chocolate colored polish (Tenderoni by Smith & Cult) before inevitably settling on my favorite autumn shade, oxblood.


I used Garnet by Mineral Fusion, a relatively affordable brand that I often find on sale at Whole Foods for about $7. It goes on super smoothly and with the base and top coats of the same brand, I find it lasts very well for me, even on days when I’m Purell’ing the hell out of my poor hands at the hospital.

Here’s a shot with one coat on all fingers except the middle one, where I did two (my usual):


And here’s the finished product, base coat + 2 coats polish + top coat: IMG_3440 (1)

What are your favorite fall nail polish shades? I know it’s super similar, but I’ve got my eye on Scandal by Kure Bazaar. Also, Royal Navy by Butter London.


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